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Can my curtains reduce noise pollution in my property?

Living in a busy area like the city, noise can somehow be rampant, especially during rush hours. From the sound of the honking and passersby walking, some days are just too annoyingly noisy. Sometimes we just want to get rid of the unnecessary noise so we can enjoy our time in our homes. Yet, even if we close our windows, there is just that bustling sound that we somehow can never get rid of. 

In times like this, we want to provide our homes a more quiet treatment so we can have a peaceful time after a busy day. Sure your walls can be a protective layer against noise, however, our windows can still be penetrated by the commotion from the outside of our homes. Correspondingly, one of the best solutions to conquer this problem is to get the best window treatments in our homes; closing your windows might be good, but curtains are a great recommendation too.

Curtain soundproof fabric treatment

The presence of curtains has been with every home for centuries. It provides us the privacy that we want, and even protects our furniture from being damaged due to UV light. Aside from this, it helps us regulate rising temperatures from coming into our homes, by blocking heat from the outside. Correspondingly, what homeowners are conscious of is curtains can have an added benefit when it comes to blocking out noise. You just need to remember what curtain type to go for. This will give you the best results so your home can be noise and commotion-free which makes it a more comfortable place to rest and just enjoy your usual morning tea.

If you are someone who just gets curtains without knowing the benefits it might bring, you need not fret. We will provide you with a simple crash course on what is the finest curtain you can get so you'll have a quieter home, leaving all the city uproar most especially when it gets busy (and usually it's 24 hours a day). When people think of sound isolation, most often think of having an apartment with thick walls. However, those who still have a hard time making their homes noise-free can choose curtains that can assist them in blocking out unwanted noise. One thing that homeowners must remember is to choose curtains that are thick - the thicker the curtain, the more it can block out noise. 

Yorkshire Fabric Shop curtain fabric 

Soundproof curtains are one of the greatest innovations to curtains in recent years. They are usually heavy and thick which allows the thick fabrics to dampen out sound as the weave exalts sound little by little. It absorbs the sound frequency from the outside, making it possible to reduce it before it reaches your room's vicinity. Just like in hotel rooms, curtains are relatively thick which provides privacy, not only when it comes to sunlight but with sound as well. It is sellable in the market today, as homeowners ought to have a more peaceful home for a comfortable stay at home. 


How to choose the best soundproof curtains

While you're in a fabric shop, make sure to check the available curtains that are heavy and thick for your home. A truly effective soundproof curtain is heavy and has a thick weave which is also long to cover the window as much as possible. If you want to dampen out sound fully, make sure to buy two to four panels for your window; the more, the better. It is also recommended to have the textured ones as they are usually woven thick and tight for a more reasonable curtain buying. Textured fabrics are better at absorbing noise, as the weave is uneven, making it difficult for sound waves to get into your homes. Instead of penetrating directly inside, the uneven weave makes sound do otherwise. 

Another thing is to buy in the most trusted shops so you can get the best out of your money. There are a lot of fabric shops out there that claim to have the best soundproof curtains but do not necessarily deliver what they market. However, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop lets you know the soundproof curtain you are buying, providing you with clear and concise details of your curtain purchase, so to make you sure you're buying the right one.


The most prominent soundproof curtain fabrics

Suede and Velvet Curtain Fabric

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides you with thick, heavy, and textured fabrics that are capable of blocking unwanted sound from the outside. Velvet and suede fabrics are made to be textured, to dampen out sound little by little as it goes through its fibres and thick weave. It gradually eliminates sound little by little so you won't have to worry about the bustling of the city on most days. Furthermore, a major plus of velvet and suede fabrics is that they don't wither out easily. 

 Jo 1140 curtain fabric

Polyester and Cotton

If you are not fond of getting textured curtains, you might also want to try purchasing a combination of polyester and cotton fabrics. Mixes of both fibres are thick and breathable so it still blocks out sound while maintaining the comfortable and smooth texture for your window treatments. Heavy microfibre is an excellent choice in making soundproof curtains most especially when triple-weave technology is incorporated in them. Thick and smooth fabric; why not?

Soundproof curtains are great in reducing unwanted noise. It's a sound dampening accessory to your home aside from making your windows look nice. What you need to remember is to be able to determine the thick and heavy fabrics so you'll be able to purchase the right kind of fabric that is able to give you more privacy to your homes. Also keep in mind to buy at the best shop so you get your money's worth for every curtain purchase.


Now feel free to browse along Yorkshire Fabric Shop's sound dampening curtains so you can have a more peaceful time at home.

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