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Can cats destroy velvet furniture?

From hotels to homes, velvet has been a popular choice for interior schemes. It is among the most elegant upholstery fabrics that have stood the test of time. With its sheen that beautifies every cushion and sofa, there is no wonder that velvet is a classic that stays on-trend.

Pet owners often wonder whether having a velvet piece is a good idea. Cat parents, especially, ask whether this upholstery fabric can withstand claw scratches. Cats love scratching posts. Hence, they target sofa beds that have raised or loose weaves.

Sleeping Cat On A Footstool

Velvet has a short, flat pile that lacks woven texture. Also, it has no loose threads or raised weaves that are prone to snagging. Therefore, most cats do not like clawing it. If you take a look at our velvet contract fabrics, you will find hardwearing options in various colours and textures.

Every cat is different. Likewise, their scratching habits vary. But, in general, the worst upholstery fabric for homes with cats are tweed, linen, and silk. On the other hand, the best fabrics for them are leather and microfibre.

Cats do not like leather because they cannot claw into it. In addition, this textile is easy to clean and hardwearing. Therefore, leather makes a great upholstery fabric. Microfibre is another good option for cat parents. Just like leather, it is easy to clean, plus, it is very cheap. While cats typically do not claw suede, the fabric may not last once they start clawing. Microfibre is a thin material that can easily tear when forced.

What to do to avoid cats from scratching furniture 
Shrewd pet owners know how to prevent cats from scraping upholstery. One way is to give the cat an alternative scratching post. Providing a bed and a post for the cat typically does the trick. When cats are busy in their own world, they will be less likely to bother any home furnishing.

Tips when buying new furniture
Full upholstery is advisable for homes that have a cat. This will keep the cats from clawing into the piece’s wood. Buying fully upholstered furniture with wood or metal recessed legs is also recommended. Recessed legs are smaller and hidden. Thus, cats can hardly reach them to scrape.

Cats commonly claw the armrests and sides of a couch. Hence, pet owners should buy furniture that has wood or metal framing. Cats do not like scratching metals or woods. Hence, cats will less likely dig their claws into them. Also, wood is a strong material that is hard to damage. Similarly, metal is a durable frame that withstands scraping.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Retailer Of Fabrics

Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers a variety of durable fabrics that can resist your pet’s claws. Aside from leather, we have chenille and suede, which make comfy and chic sofa covers. Order online today or request a fabric sample on our website. As one of the leading upholstery fabric retailers, we provide high-quality textiles in various patterns and styles.


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