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Brilliant Burgundy

As Autumn draws closer, we see a lot of oranges, reds and browns outside but inside we want a cosy escape from the miserable, cold weather. The best way to create a cosy, warm escape is with your interior design and Burgundy is a brilliant colour to play with. It’s a rich, purple/red colour and, when used correctly, adds a touch of regality to your design.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Brilliant Burgundy Upholstery Fabrics

We love burgundy so much because it is so versatile! It pairs well with greys, browns, beiges and khakis, this means that you can create a tranquil environment without being too dramatic, perfect for a living room or dining room. If you do want to add a little more drama then pair burgundy with black or even navy blue. If you can’t bring yourself to add burgundy to the walls then it can be introduced with accents.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Brilliant Burgundy Upholstery Fabrics

Too much burgundy and the room will begin to look cheap and tacky. Stick to using feature walls or accents to intrigue the eye to certain features of the room. A luxurious pair of curtains can draw your eye to the window, or beautiful textured handmade cushions can bring elegance and cosiness to a room.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Brilliant Burgundy Upholstery Fabrics

Using a range of different textures is a perfect way to create a cosy, inviting environment, who wouldn’t want to snuggle down on a cool Autumn evening under a think woollen blanket and velvet cushions? Play around with textures and fabrics to create the perfect style for your home.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Brilliant Burgundy Upholstery Fabrics

Our passion for fabrics means that we only provide the highest quality fabrics to you, our customer. We have a gorgeous range, perfect for Autumn or Winter. Inject some life into your home with our beautiful fabrics, handmade cushions and made-to-measure curtains. To find your perfect fabric, use our simple fabric finder, visit our warehouse or get in touch with our team!


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