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Be Inspired By Dulux’s Colour Of The Year For 2023

Be Inspired By Dulux’s Colour Of The Year For 2023

Picture By Dulux

Every year Dulux releases their colour of the year. This colour should capture the spirit of 2023 and after careful consideration from Dulux’s design experts the colour for 2023 has been revealed as Wild Wonder.

Dulux describes Wild Wonder as a ‘glowing and uplifting tone’ that should ‘reflect the magic of nature’ in your home. This colour is perfect for those who love warmer and neutral tones, but today we want to give you some ideas on how you can incorporate the colour of the year in other ways!

A big misconception with the ‘in’ colour of the year is that we need to paint every single room in our homes this colour. Well, that is certainly not the case! Many of us have different styles and there are many ways that we can incorporate the shade Wild Wonder into our interiors. Take a look at our top 4 tips below.


1. Create Unique Walls

Picture By Delux Trade

Picture By Dulux Trade

The first option is obvious. To paint your walls! However, we do not have to paint our walls one full block colour! Many of us are becoming more adventurous with design, colours and patterns, so why not incorporate this into your walls? Take the image above for example, the use of the shade Wild Wonder as a border around the skirting and door has effectively pulled together the wood features in the room, creating a gorgeous nature inspired space whilst using a deep pink wall to add warmth and texture. Take a step out of your comfort zone this year, we guarantee you won’t regret it!


2. Give Your Furniture A New Lease of Life

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Fabric Picture

So you have just painted your walls and can’t afford to change them in such a short space of time. No problem, it’s time to talk furniture. Many of our clients look to incorporate colour into their homes through their furniture. Have an old piece that could do with a new lease of life? Then why not reupholster it with our suggestions of Wild Wonder fabric choices.

Here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we have over 5000 fabrics and with a wide range of hues we have the perfect Wild Wonder shades that will enhance your interior with their uplifting tones. Our top five fabrics to match the colour of the year are;  CTR-1992, Kirkwall60, CTR-811, Native160, Chesterfield40. WIth a range of different materials and textures there is something for everyone and every interior!


3. Let There Be Light

Photo By Spiral Cellars

Photo By Spirral Cellars

Alongside Dulux’s glowing colour of the year, we are also entering the brighter and warmer (hopefully!) months. This being said, it is important that we radiate warmth in our homes with bright and welcoming lighting. There are many ways that we can brighten our homes, firstly starting with opening all of our curtains in our homes as soon as we wake up. It may sound simple but by letting that morning sun reflect through your house, it won’t only help to add a touch of gold to your home but will also help to lift your mood! Another way to create a bright and uplifting space is to make sure your lighting matches the mood. For example, through the day we want a bright white light that is inspiring and positive, however at night we should opt for a yellow light, which will create a warm and relaxing feel. Take a look at our go to lights here.


4. Let’s Accessorize!

Modena40 Yellow Fabric By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

The final tip we have for adding the colour of the year to your home is to incorporate subtle hints of gold within decorative pieces. Try adding our Modena cushion in shade 40 to your sofa, a gorgeous soft velvet that creates a perfect shimmer of light on a dull or old sofa. Not feeling creative? Let us do the hard work! Take a look at our range of uplifting gold cushions here.


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