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Autumn styling tips for curtain fabrics

You can feel that Autumn is finally coming just by the morning air that keeps blowing outside your windows, and there is no better way to usher in a new season than with some decor improvements.

The best way to decorate your home is with some curtains, blinds, and fabric adjustments to keep you in a festive mood if you are on a budget and want to escape extra trouble.

There are several curtain fabrics on the record that you can use for a certain season of the year. Some people choose the style for their curtain fabrics based on the season, such as the Autumn season. Autumn brings out so many colours to our lives. 

It is a struggle to pick the right autumn styling for your curtain fabrics, and some people may find it perplexing. But no need to worry, Yorkshire Fabric Shop is here for you. We gather some of the best Autumn styling tips that you shouldn’t miss.

Autumn Nights Are Coming

Autumn styling tips for curtain fabrics 

We wanted to let you know before anything else that style is not just the decorations alone, and there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Colour Pallete 

Autumn season brings out such a beautiful colour, which gives out a lot of style inspiration. Here are some of the colours you can choose from to make your styling even better.

Foliage Colours 

Such warm deep-red colours, burnt orange, and gold, with neutral taupe and cream-style, give a great accent colour. You can choose these kind colours alongside a perfect fabric.

You can pick your favourite tone or use it completely for a more eclectic scheme to look for your curtain fabric. Also, you can select a printed material that includes these colours and choose some of the autumn colours for your accessories. Take note such bold colours will add drama to your room.

Soft Greens 

When you think about autumn, you can instantly think of nature. That is you can use earthly colours such as deep plums and soft greens. Look for a fabric curtain that combines green plums to give your space a relaxing sensation. 

For a comfortable atmosphere, use simple colours chosen from the curtain fabric and stripe fabrics in these colours. We prefer to use this type of colour scheme in the bedroom and dining room because we think it will be perfect. 

Neutral Colours 

If your style is more neutral, then take inspiration from the misty mornings and use creams and greys to create a scheme. Although some people don’t prefer these colour because it can be dull, with the right fabric and styling it will create a feeling of sophistication. Also, try using layer loads of textures such as fur, velvet, and plaids in neutral tones.


Right after you choose the colours of your fabric, the next thing you need to do is to pick the perfect designs that will add meaning to your room and will bring out the autumn feels.


For a few years, floral curtain fabrics has been off the scene, being mainly associated with poor design choices made in the past decade. It is undoubtedly no longer the case, and in the scene, floral has returned, being used not only for curtaining but also with fabric blinds. 

Give your windows a little bit of an edge by using floral fabric if you want your curtains to stay somewhat plain and neutral.

Bold Prints 

Use vivid and daring prints if you want to make a statement in your home decor. You can choose from big prints in the colour of mustard yellow or even indigo, and we guarantee that it will make your room look perfect in autumn. 

Use simple textiles in your room, and use prints on curtains or blinds with various fabrics such as silk, linen, and cotton to give you a smoother edge.

Sheer Curtains

If you are trying to add more subtle touches to your living rooms, consider adding sheer curtains with a neutral base. You can use colours in a daring and bright red or an orange curtain appliqué. 

The transparent fabric means that there is a lot of light and the prints and designs within your home represent the autumn season.

Mixing Different Layers

In particular, if you have a neutral coloured room decor, the best way to change a room is to add bold and vibrant colours such as orange and red curtain hues for the season. But don’t forget to include colours that represent autumn. 

Don't forget to stick with the one colour theme. You don't want a curtain that looks thick, so make sure you don't add more textiles to your curtains. Remember too much of everything is bad.

In reality, you need to mix and match fabrics and styles that suit your taste. You don’t need to live by the rules, simply use your imagination and make it work. The list above is just for pure reference that will surely help you in the future.


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