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Are velvet sofas hard to keep clean?

Velvet is known for being a high-maintenance and demanding fabric. Although it looks luxurious, velvet isn’t difficult to clean than other materials or fabrics.

Velvet sofas have undergone a massive revival in recent years because of their elegance and ability to enhance a room. If you have a fabric, you probably also know that velvet takes some care to keep it looking at its very best, like all beautiful stuff.

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Cotton and synthetic types are both awesome however, synthetic velvets are recommended if you have children or pets since they’re easier to clean.

Stains on synthetic velvet don’t go deep and the colour doesn’t vanish too much in sunlight, unlike cotton velvet. Silk, cotton, and synthetics are all familiar velvet types. Each fabric requires different cleaning methods. Silk, for example, is a very sensitive fabric that stains quickly. Polyester, on the other hand, can be maintained at home.

To avoid mistakes, always check the correct cleaning code usually found on your item’s tag. Velvet, unlike other materials, has no loose threads or raised weaves which makes it tough to tear. Its pile is similar to the rag, which makes it an ideal fabric for your sofa.

How can you clean velvet sofas?

After purchasing your velvet sofa, it’s time to know how to clean it.

1. Steaming
Velvet has higher strands of fabric on its exterior that’s why it appears to compress, appearing as a white stain or crease, when under pressure for long periods.

Steaming velvet fabric is a perfect way to prevent velvet compression and keep it clean. To get rid of compression, simply steam out the creases using a steamer or the iron’s steam setting and brush in the opposite direction of the pile to let go of the wrinkles. Make sure that the steamer is in the low setting to avoid ruining the fabric.

2. Spot Cleaning
Don’t commit the mistake of underestimating the effect of spot-cleaning velvet. Always absorb spills with a neat, absorbent paper towel or cloth but take extra care not to rub or dab as this will force the spill deeper into the fibres.

Leave the cloth on the liquid until all of it has been absorbed and dry air it.

3. Vacuum
To ensure that your velvet upholstery remains fresh-looking, vacuum it periodically between steaming and spot cleaning sessions. Daily maintenance is as easy as vacuuming the furniture with a cloth attachment to tidy up any crumbs and dust. 

Remember to vacuum gently to stop wearing the velvet.

4. Put it away from sunlight
There are upholstery velvet fabrics, mostly cotton, that are vulnerable to fading when bared under direct sunlight. Put your velvet sofa in an area that gets a little amount of light to protect it.

If it’s impossible to do that, you can cover the exposed spots using a blanket. 

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