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Are blackout curtains lined?

Blackouts are curtains, shades, blinds, or drapes that are specially made for light and noise reduction. Unlike typical curtains, fabrics like polyester and microfibre have additional foam layers that increase the opacity to avoid light to pass through. Furthermore, it also benefits individuals who want to get rid of too much noise outside, and are particular with the weather with its thermal insulation features.

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One of the best fabric stores in the UK, The Yorkshire Fabric Shop shares more about this blackout curtains.

What are Blackout Liners?
Blackout liners are added to blackout curtains to aid in keeping the light. They are typically sold separately from the curtain itself, but they are widely available. Like blackouts, it is also categorized into two-pass or three-pass types, depending on its middle layer part. Most blackout curtain liners can be easily installed using grommets or drapery hooks or can be hemmed to the curtain itself.

What are the Advantages of using Blackout Liners?
- It gives better control of light entering the area.
- The foam layers present in blackout liners aid in reducing more noise from the outside.
- It provides more warmth during the cold season.
- It also provides more comfort during the hot season.
- It helps to keep out the brightness, especially when it's installed in the living room.
- It has UV ray protection that also gives more protection to furniture and upholstery.
- Most of the blackout liners are machine washable, so it's easy to clean and maintain.

Tips in Choosing Blackout Curtains
To get the best blackout curtains, The Yorkshire Fabric Shop shares some considerations on how to choose blackout curtains for any area.

Fabric Quality
Since blackout curtains protect its users from light and noise, its fabrics are usually dark-coloured and heavyweight. For those who prefer lighter shades, it can affect the ability to block the light and noise. Generally, the thicker and darker the fabric, the better protection it can give.

Typically, blackout curtains range in dark colours like grey, navy blue, black, and graphite. Now, there are also lighter shades that can guarantee to give the noise and light reduction needed for a good rest. There are also white curtains nowadays, but with blackout lining to get the blockage while achieving the preferred white shade of curtain.

But with The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers various lighter shades and beautiful designs and patterns for the blackout curtains. It assures that its clients can get the protection and ambience they yearn for with its
best choices of colours. 

No matter how heavyweight the blackout fabric is, it still deserves excellent care to extend its lifespan. For instance, the proper way to wash it should depend on the quality of the fabric it has. The combination of
polyester and cotton curtains requires washing even in cold temperatures. Meanwhile, denser fabrics need only dry cleaning or spraying only.

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For the best blackout curtains, it is time to explore The Yorkshire Fabric Shop. From the excellent quality of fabrics and great choices of colours and designs, anyone can surely find the perfect blackout curtain they are looking for!


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