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6 Reasons you should be talking about fabrics

Flipping pages of thousand catalogues and searching online would be overwhelming for someone who wants to upgrade their furniture. On the contrary, it would be satisfying to see if they have found suitable material.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we get lots of questions from our customers about the essential part of upholstery material. We would gladly suggest “fabrics”.

Fabric is cloth or other material produced by weaving together other elements. It can be used for clothing, curtains, and furniture like sofas and armchairs. Fabrics used for furniture are named upholstery fabric. It’s made from yarn or thread or knitted in a textile. Fibres such as linen, nylon, cotton, wool, hemp, polyester, acrylic and rayon are stung on loom woven or knitted into the upholstery fabric.

Choose fabric for your furniture

A crucial part of decision making is to choose which upholstery fabric is right for you. We wish that there will be one fabric that has massive value. 

Moreover, we would discuss some of the reasons why we should consider fabrics.


Fabrics have unlimited colours and style patterns. It makes it easier to choose styles for your own personal taste in every room. You can buy them locally from a fabric store, direct from the upholsterer, online shops or buy remnants from upholstery manufacturers. Take a look at an example of Bruges Life pattern Blue green Red black Jacquard Fabric” it reminds you of nature and life.


Fabrics are softer and warmer. They tend to be more comfortable. The flexibility of the fibre depends on how they are being entangled. If fibre has low surface thermal conductivity, it will feel softer. Indeed, it depends on the material being used to test how soft and the warm fabric is.


The fabric has a more extended durability. Sofas, armchairs and headboard are furniture always in use so using long-lasting fabric would be needed. Fabrics like cotton can withstand wear and tear. Choosing pure cotton would be ideal. Aramid, nylon and polyester fibres have the highest tensile strength. Most of these fibres are blended with other material to produce products that would last the test of time.


It is easier to clean and easier to maintain. A lot of fabric covers are removable. It has an immense advantage; it only means that your furniture could stay fresh and clean. For leather covers, you only need damp clothes to wipe off the stain or used the vacuum to get rid of the dust.


Fabrics are economical for its product is present in the market. It wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket. Fabrics like rayon and acetate are cheaper than others.


The appearance of your furniture dramatically affects the overall appearance of your home. Leather sofas bring certain elegance in a room. If you are someone who has a contemporary taste for furniture, leather sofas are highly suggested. It appears to be sleeker and more high-end.

Visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop For Ideas

We know decision making won’t be easy for there are a lot of choices. To help you learn more about designs and colour patterns for your upholstery don’t hesitate to visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop for more upholstery fabrics. You might get something unique which is what you want and have a personalized service.


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