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5 Tips For A New Year Tidy Up

The New Year is here, and it is as usual all about fresh starts, new goals, turning corners.This should apply to your home too, take advantage of the energy a new year brings and make some changes to your home, trust us it will make you feel so energised!

Yorkshire Fabric Shop 5 Tips For A New Year Tidy Up

1. Toss, keep, or replace. when you make a start on this process, make sure you consider whether you need the items at all!To make a real difference in your home, you need to be brutal. That means letting things go you don’t use or don’t need. If there are things you love, you may want to consider whether they need to be replaced. Home interiors, like rugs, cushions and throws are a good example. Could some new accessories make the difference in your space?

2.Make a place for everything. So once you have decluttered you can make a real effort to organise. New storage solutions, noticeboards, shelf boxes are great ideas to help organise your precious possession into a workable order which will last you the rest of the year.

3. Block out time. to have achieved the first two steps it will take time, do you want that to be your “Me Time” or can you tag it onto your regular schedule. Once you have done the main organisation it should be easier to tag any tidying up onto your cleaning schedule, if you plan this in, you will be able to keep up your organisation much easier.

4. Keep it up! Once your home is all freshened up, get in the habit of regularly taking a bag of items to a recycling centre or charity shop.

5. Get inspired. This is where all of those glossy magazines (and Pinterest!) come into play – browse through some inspiring sites + publications until you hit upon a few images with an aesthetic that really speaks to you. Colours, texture, ideas are so inspiration and make a tidy, simplified living space that you have created a warm and inviting place to live.

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Yorkshire Fabric Shop 5 Tips For A New Year Tidy Up


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