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5 DIY upholstery ideas to update your furniture

You might have furniture in your home that’s just so hard to let go even if they’re damaged because of different reasons. It might be because of its sentimental value or simply just because it is visually pleasing. Upholstery fabrics makes it possible to transform the damaged furniture with a brand-new look.

Tips On Update Your Furniture

It is essential to have the right tools when starting your project, so make sure to be equipped with all the necessary items you’ll need before starting your task to avoid delayed completion. Instead of buying new
furniture that might strain your bank account, why not revamp the old ones in your home?

Before starting to apply these 5 DIY upholstery ideas for your old furniture, make sure to have the necessary tools with you. Always be prepared with whatever you might need during the process of creating the project to avoid hindrance. The tools depend on which DIY idea you’re doing, but the following are just a few of the necessary tools you should be equipped with once you’ve decided to start which and what DIY idea you’re doing:

● Glue gun
● Rubber mallet
● Measuring tape
● Chalk
● Staple remover
● Fabric scissor
● Utility and carving knife
● Permanent marker


Here are the top 5 DIY upholstery ideas you can do to refurbish your furniture.

1. Slipcover
An excellent way to cover a damaged upholstery is by hiding the damage with a slipcover. Not only does it keep the furniture safe from further damages, but it also helps maintain its cleanliness because it’s being protected from dust and dirt. Slipcovers should be cleaned regularly since they are easily washable.

They are ideal for a simple look and for protecting your furniture from any possible damages. You can sew your slipcover and design it yourself. It’s up to you how you will unleash your creativity for your own slipcover.

2. Dividers
Room dividers come in handy when it comes to creating privacy in either small or large spaces. Just because you live in an open area or a small apartment doesn’t mean your privacy should be taken away from you. Upholstering your room divider may need more tools although it is a simple project.

3. Upholstered ottoman
Isn’t it relaxing to have something that can be used in different ways? Something you can put your feet up on, sit on, or store your things on? You can create your own DIY upholstered ottoman by transforming
your stool and coffee table.

4. Back support
Say goodbye to back pains because of uncomfortable seats! Create your back chair support which can also help fix your posture.

5. Chair modification
You can make your chairs look brand new again by giving them a makeover! Adding fabric and paddings will help make the chair a lot more comfortable to sit on.

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