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Low Carbon Leather

Low carbon leather is like recycled leather but also known as organic leather or bonded leather. What ever you call it, it has a certain percentage of real leather and the rest is made from manmade fibres. Also it comes on a roll so you can yield a lot more than a cow hide if you were to buy one and our recycled leather is perfect for smaller projects where you only need a few meters. Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a range of recycled leather varying from different thickness to the finishing on the top such as a grain effect or a matt finish. Our recycled leather fabric is widely used on furniture as it is very economical and practical and easy to clean. You may also come across the term leather fabric. This leather fabric simply refers to the fact that usually in the trade fabric comes on a roll and therefore when you mention leather fabric, people then know that this leather is supplied on a roll and not per hide. Recycled leather is cheaper and yet practical solution than cow hides, buy online today and see the difference.



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