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You'll Never Go Wrong With Our Black Fabrics

Black is one of those colours that never goes out of style. From the little black dress to the classic yet contemporary pairing of black and white, this colour is perfect for a subtle, sophisticated statement.

Mysterious, always classical and forever elegant, our black fabrics are perfect for decor and clothing. Perhaps the best thing about black fabric is its sheer versatility. You can pair it with any other shade and adapt your furniture quickly.

Browse our range of black fabrics, from Suede to Vinyl to Tweed. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop houses the most extensive high-quality upholstery fabrics perfect for designing and updating your space. Our range of black and black patterned fabrics are an ideal addition to your room, adding elegance with black cushions or making any quiet space quieter with blackout curtains. Our unique collection of materials are cut to measure. 

Upholstery Fabric

Are you sick of your boring sofas, curtains and headboards? Do you want to mix things up but don't have the budget to do so? Well, switching your upholstery fabric could breathe new life into your interior decor without breaking the bank.

Black fabric is highly versatile, and you can use it with any decor theme, which is why so many of our customers choose it.

We have a range of upholstery options, from simple shades of black to patterns.

Tartan Fabric

While most people associate tartan fabric with clothing, it can be a fantastic way to enhance your decor while still maintaining a streamlined aesthetic. We offer a range of tartan patterns, with black shades taking centre stage.

We highly recommend the Barlow Tweed tartan, which is a proper salute to Scotland if you prefer traditional patterns. Or, you can opt for the Louise tartan for a more subtle design.

We also offer vibrant tartan patterns, which combine traditional blacks and greys with bright reds and yellows.

Patterned Fabric

Patterned fabric is excellent for adding a touch of elegance to your home without going overboard. One of our most popular fabric patterns is the embossed velvet fabric with a mixture of brown and black tones.

The Old Stone Effect pattern is ideal if you prefer subtle statements because it combines black and silvery grey, making any room look modern.

Striped Fabric

Striped add visual detail to fabric and they can look incredible when combined with black tones. Whether you choose to keep it simple with black and white stripes, or opt for some metallic elements, you'll love the immediate impression this fabric makes.

Plain Fabric

While some may consider black to be a boring colour, it's incredibly versatile and fit into any decor scheme. You can use it for sleek and modern aesthetics, to elegant and classic, but its also excellent for avoiding stains.

With so many benefits, plain black fabric can still bring your designs to life - and we have a stunning selection available at all price points.

Medallion Patterns

Medallion patterns combine a central image surrounded by smaller images or motifs. They often appear in artwork, and are popular for interior design because of their strong visual impact.

While there are plenty of colourful medallion patterns, many would agree they look best with simple colours that complement their natural aesthetic appeal.

There Are Many Benefits to Shopping With Yorkshire Fabric

As one of the premier UK fabric suppliers, we partner with the best mills around the country to bring our loyal customers high-quality cloths for tailoring, dressmaking and upholstering furniture.

Based in Leeds, our fabric shop has been featured in Hollywood movies, TV shows and many homes across the country.

Extensive Variety of High-Quality Fabrics

We don't believe in stocking poor quality fabrics and refuse to compromise. Our long partnerships with mills mean we can live up to our promise to supply highly versatile fabric for each customer at all times.

From chiffon to plaid and cashmere, everything you purchase from us will last for a long time and be suitable for dressmaking and upholstery purposes.

Low Prices

Price is important, and we believe we've found the perfect combination between premium fabrics and cost-effectivity. When you shop with us, you'll be able to save money while still having access to an assortment of materials.

We also offer free samples, so you can test the quality of each fabric before heading to the checkout.

Choose The Perfect Black Fabric For You Today

We're confident that your search for the perfect black fabric will be over when you see everything our website has to offer. From plain black to a combination of colours, there's something for everyone here.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss which fabric would be best for your first order or if you have any questions about how much material will be suitable for your next fashion or interior project.

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