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Focus on Pattern – Tartan

Many people believe that tartan is only suitable for a certain style, but it is a versatile pattern that can complement many different types of homes. Customers may look at tartan and automatically think of the Scottish Highlands or kilts, but with a variety of colours and styles available, tartan is suited to many different… Read more »

Get your interiors ready for Winter

Not long ago we were sharing our tips for preparing your home for Autumn, but with Winter officially starting in less than a month, it’s time for us to share our tips to get your interiors ready for Winter! Winter is the season that divides most people, some people love it and others can’t stand… Read more »

Tartan – what do you know?

Tartan is a great option for your upholstery project. But what do you know about its history? Early tartan fabrics were simple checks of perhaps only two or three colours and used predominately for traditional Scottish kilts. The colours were extracted mainly from dye-producing plants, roots, berries and trees local to a specific geographic area…. Read more »