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Focus on pattern – stripes

Stripes have been a staple in fashion and interior design for centuries. Synonymous with jugglers, clowns and jesters in the 1300s, to the uniform of criminals in the 1800s. It was thanks to Coco Chanel that stripes were adopted by the wealthy and became a popular fashion choice. Inspired by the striped woven tops given… Read more »

Blue – not just for boys

Long associated with baby boys, blue has become one of the nation’s favourite colours, with brilliant shades of cobalt, teal and navy playing a huge part in interior design in homes up and down the country. Blue is a cool colour so to avoid making a room feel uncomfortable and cold, team it with neutral… Read more »

What is Corduroy fabric?

One of the most vintage fabrics that you can find, corduroy is made up of twisted fibres that when woven, lie in parallel rows, or “wales” to form the well-known texture of corduroy. Typically it is a cotton or cotton/mix fabric with a raised or ribbed surface nap. A nap is a description of the… Read more »