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Focus on Pattern – Paisley

Contrary to what you may believe, Paisley did not originate in the small town of Paisley in Scotland, although it will have a significant influence on its history. It was in the 19th Century that Paisley began to heavily feature in fashion and design. The pattern itself has origins in India, Iran and the Kashmiri… Read more »

Trend Watch – Leopard Print

Leopard print was designed to blend in rather than stand out, but nowadays it is used in fashion and interiors to make a statement. Traditionally, leopard print was real fur, but there are some fabulous faux fur options on the market which are just as striking, more affordable and animal-friendly.   A popular choice amongst… Read more »

What is ikat fabric?

Originating from the Malaysian word “mengikat” meaning to tie, bind or wrap around, ikat (pronounced ee-kaht) is an ancient style of weaving, similar to tie-dye, which uses a resist dyeing process. The warp and/or weft yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven on the loom. The result is a bold, repetitive pattern that can… Read more »