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Get ahead with curtain headings

Traditionally, curtains were used not as window treatments but as room dividers! It was the ancient Egyptians that chose to hang animal hides from hooks over doorways to keep warm. As windows evolved so did curtains, they became a great way of giving yourself some privacy and keeping in the heat. In today’s world, curtains… Read more »

What is ikat fabric?

Originating from the Malaysian word “mengikat” meaning to tie, bind or wrap around, ikat (pronounced ee-kaht) is an ancient style of weaving, similar to tie-dye, which uses a resist dyeing process. The warp and/or weft yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven on the loom. The result is a bold, repetitive pattern that can… Read more »

Hanging curtains – get it right

Curtains are usually used as the focal point of any room, so it is important that you choose the best fabric and that you hang them correctly. The latter is very difficult to get right and so at Yorkshire Fabric Shop; we wanted to share some tips on getting your curtains to hang right! Of… Read more »