Use natural materials to bring tranquillity

We spend a lot of time in our homes, so it is important that it reflects our personalities while helping us to relax, unwind and forget about the stresses of the outside world. Unfortunately, we cannot all live in our dream homes, sometimes our house doesn’t have a lot of natural light, the majority of the materials that we use are synthetic, or there is no connection to the outdoors, all of these factors can affect the tranquillity of our living spaces. Using natural materials in our home can improve our well-being and reduce stress levels as well as looking great!


Introducing natural material into your home can create a calm and revitalising environment, using fabrics like silk, wool and linen is an easy way to embrace all things natural and with today’s printing technology these fabrics can be a lot more stylish than they once were. Using wood instead of man-made materials is a great way to make your home more natural as well as adding a lot of character.

This year sees the rise of another trend, we’ve experienced Hyyge from the Danish and now its Lagom from the Swedish. Not only is it easier to pronounce, but it’s a simple way to live. Embracing the “reduce, reuse and recycle” mantra it gives you the opportunity to reupholster and recycle those old pieces of furniture that no longer fit in with your interiors.


The best way to design a more natural interior is by bringing in the outdoors. Plants and flowers are easy to incorporate into the home, even if you’re only in a small flat. Use the colour green, the colour most synonymous with the outdoors and accessorise with floral motifs.


At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we have a range of fabrics made from a selection of materials including linen and wool. We have fabric to suit every style, use our fabric finder to browse our selection and order FREE samples, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact our team on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or visit our warehouse.

What is ikat fabric?

Originating from the Malaysian word “mengikat” meaning to tie, bind or wrap around, ikat (pronounced ee-kaht) is an ancient style of weaving, similar to tie-dye, which uses a resist dyeing process. The warp and/or weft yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven on the loom. The result is a bold, repetitive pattern that can be slightly blurred in appearance as the dye bleeds into the resist areas.

Traditionally the fabric was designed with an ethnic, spiritual or symbolic meaning in mind. Ikat fabric was associated with wealth and prestige, but now ikat has become a generic term for the production method and fabric with this style of pattern.

The design of the fabric can change drastically depending on the process that has been used. The design is created by tying areas of the threads into a bundle using something that will not allow or the penetration of dye, like wax, rubber or plastic. This requires a certain level of skill as the weaver needs to calculate where the dye needs to go to develop a regular pattern. To be more exact when pattern making, the weaver will use warp ikats, so that the pattern is visible on the loom; whereas with a weft ikat the pattern is less exact.

The process becomes even more difficult with double ikat; this is when the design is created by dying the warp and the weft, this is considered to be the highest form of ikat as it requires the most skill to develop.

Ikat fabric has an ethnic feel, so should be used to enhance this type of interior style. At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we stock thousands of fabrics to suit any style and can be used to transform your home. We have a great range of handmade cushions in a range of sizes including these Ella Ikat cushions and don’t forget about our made-to-measure curtains! Use our fabric finder to browse our stock or if you need a little more help deciding; give our team a call on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or email

Curtains are for more than just windows

When we think of curtains, we think of the gorgeous fabric that frames our windows and creates a focal point in a room. Curtains can be so much more than this, used unconventionally they can give a room a unique look.

suede, leather


Bed canopy 

Whether it is for the little prince, or princess, in your life or you want to give your own bedroom a romantic touch, a bed canopy can transform your room. Use playful patterns like our Playtime printed cotton fabric collection, to let your child’s imagination run wild or use a sheer fabric to bring a touch of elegance. A bed canopy can be for more than just style, depending on the fabric that you choose it can help to filter the light coming into the room, so you don’t get disturbed by sunlight.


Cabinet curtains

OK, so technically you’re still using curtains as, well, curtains but with a slightly different look. This is quite a traditional style and is associated with gingham fabrics, like our Voyage of Gingham fabric, used in an English country kitchen, but it is making a comeback with a modern twist. Try using large botanical prints like our Multi coloured oval leaf design fabric, or pastel tones to complement your kitchen design.


Room dividers

If you are not able to give your children a room to themselves, a divider can help to give them their own space and privacy. It is also a great solution for a living area, especially if your layout is open plan. A fabric divider can separate the dining room and living room, great for hosting dinner parties! A bold pattern like our Zenith Collection really makes a statement.


Door curtains 

Door curtains are typically used to exclude draughts so a thick textured fabric like our Art of fabrics plain soft chenille fabric, is a great choice. You should always choose to get door curtains lined; this will add an extra level of insulation. A door curtain is a stylish way to a mask a door that opens directly into a room or can add the finishing touch to a porch or entrance hall.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we love fabric, and we love using it in unconventional ways around the home. We have thousands of fabrics to suit any style, so you are sure to find something that you like. Use our fabric finder to browse our stock or contact us on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or email