New to upholstery – try a pinboard!

Thinking of trying upholstery but need an idea for a starter project?

How about tackling a fabric pinboard? It’s a straight forward project to get your started and shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two!

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Fabric pinboards are attractive alternatives to noticeboards or cork boards and are great for sharing postcards, greeting cards and are great for children’s rooms as they are safe to use for children of any age! (oddly no pins needed!)

Keen to get started? There are all kinds of suitable fabrics to choose from including retro prints, pretty florals, linens, faux leather – to name a few.We have an excellent range!

How to make your pin board:

Cut out a piece of the polyester wadding the same size as chosen board size (we are going to use 46 cm x 30 cm).
Cut out a piece of hessian, 52 cm x 36 cm (20” x 14”)
Cut out a piece of fabric, 56 cm x 42 cm (22” x 16”)
Cut 6 pieces of laid cord: 2 x 66 cm (26”), 4 x 38 cm (15”).

Lay the piece of polyester wadding on the chipboard; lay the fabric on top; turn the chipboard over and pull the fabric taut over the edges, with neat corners and secure with staples.

Neat corners please!

Using a tape measure, mark with a light marker pen the position of the nail in the centre of the board. Then make sure that the other nails are half way between this nail and the edge of the board, and that the two at the top and bottom meet. Secure the laid cord with the nails.

Laying out the cord across the pin board

Secure the taut laid cord on the back of the board, before covering it with the hessian, folded under at the edges. Secure hessian (having folded in the edges) with staples around the edge of the board.

The making process should not take longer than one hour maximum. The hardest part of this is ensuring that both the fabric and the laid cord are pulled tightly over the edges of the board and that it is neatly folded on the corners under the hessian.

Now that you’ve got the first one done, we’re pretty sure your next trip will be to our fabric shop to start another.

WARNING: pin boards can be addictive.

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