Category: Hints & Tips

We share hints and tips how to best use fabric for upholstery and for curtains.

Focus on pattern – stripes

Stripes have been a staple in fashion and interior design for centuries. Synonymous with jugglers, clowns and jesters in the 1300s, to the uniform of criminals in the 1800s. It was thanks to Coco Chanel that stripes were adopted by the wealthy and became a popular fashion choice. Inspired by the striped woven tops given… Read more »

Get ahead with curtain headings

Traditionally, curtains were used not as window treatments but as room dividers! It was the ancient Egyptians that chose to hang animal hides from hooks over doorways to keep warm. As windows evolved so did curtains, they became a great way of giving yourself some privacy and keeping in the heat. In today’s world, curtains… Read more »

How To: Get your curtain measurements right

Getting the right fit is crucial for beautiful curtains. Any mistakes will be visible and detract from the design, and we know how difficult it would be to sit in your living room with uneven curtains! The length of curtain pole or track that you use will impact the curtain width measurement however the length… Read more »