A little bit country…

English country style has long been embraced by interior designers. It is a cosy, warm style which is just what you want in the British climate. It’s one of the easier styles to introduce into your home, think simple colour palettes, a mixture of textures and just a hint of vintage.

When we think of a calm, relaxing country retreat, we think of neutral colours, creams, greys and pastels. These colours will help to give the illusion of space as well as having a calming influence. Using a basis of neutral colours means that you can add splashes of colour with your accessories. Red and blue are a popular choice for an English country style as they pop against a neutral background.


Prints and country are a match made in heaven. Use animal motifs, floral patterns and organic fabric like Linen and Cotton to enhance the look. A mixture of fabric and textures adds to the eclectic style of a country interior.


At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a passion for fabric, we understand that every single one of our customers has a different style, so we work hard to find the perfect fabric to suit your needs. Our warehouse is open to the public so you can browse our great selection of fabric, or you can search online and order FREE samples. If you want to speak to our team, call us on 01924 728 753, use our online contact form or email [email protected]

Hanging curtains – get it right

Curtains are usually used as the focal point of any room, so it is important that you choose the best fabric and that you hang them correctly. The latter is very difficult to get right and so at Yorkshire Fabric Shop; we wanted to share some tips on getting your curtains to hang right!

Of course, how you choose to hang your curtains is up to you. However, there are some general rules to follow, especially when it comes to measuring the fabric. The length of your the material should stop about half an inch from the floor; this will keep them clean and free from dust. If you have chosen to use a heavier fabric, like Linen, then you may find that the fabric stretches over time so allow yourself a little more room from the bottom of the floor, about one inch. As for the width of the material, you want your curtains to look voluminous even when they are closed. To achieve this, you should cut your fabric at least two times wider than the area that you are covering.

If you want to enhance the look of your curtains, you can add simple touches. Tie-backs are commonly placed around the middle of the curtains but if you are looking for a more elegant look then put them higher up for a more luxurious window dressing. Bay windows used to be the most difficult part of an interior designers job. However, you can fit tracks or rods around the angles of a bay window or blinds can be made to fit every section of the bay.

The rod that you choose should be wider than your window; this is an excellent way to make your window appear larger than it is. The higher the rod is, the taller the window will look. By fixing the rod closer to your ceiling, you can emphasise your windows and their dressings.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a made-to-measure curtain service available so that you can create bespoke curtains to suit your style and your home. We have thousands of fabrics in stock, and our team is always on hand to help you find the most suitable for your needs. You can purchase your curtains online or visit us at our warehouse, if you need some advice then you can contact our team on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or email [email protected]

Mad about monochrome

The next six months will see a rise of black and white in homes across the country. Black and white is a timeless style, but it is constantly being reinvented. It is also one of the easiest looks to achieve in your home.


A great style choice for minimalists, putting pale colours on the walls will keep your room feeling light and spacious, you can then add in hints of grey and black. We love these Voyage designer chenille handmade cushions.

Another way of embracing the monochrome trend is with the ombré effect. Choose one colour that you love and then choose a few more within the same tone. Start with the darkest colour at the bottom and work your way up to the lighter colour at the top. This is an effect that looks great on your walls, it can be seen a lot in Scandinavian style and keeps a room feeling cosy while keeping it simple. Express your personality with your fabrics, curtains can act as a focal point of the room, and if your decor is neutral, then you can afford to use bold patterns like our Lomasi Metallic Aztec fabric or our Vegas Geometric fabric.


Monochrome is undoubtedly mature and stylish, but it can become a little cold and unwelcoming. Keep the look cosy by teaming it with big knitted throws, several different textures and add some grey to your colour palette. If you want to break up the look a little more, consider using a splash of colour, gold can keep the look stylish. Use vases, picture frames or cushions to inject some brightness, these Bullseye design cushions are a great addition.


At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we understand that all of our customers have different tastes and their own personality, which is why we stock thousands of unique fabrics, we are confident that you’ll find something to suit your style. We’re more than just fabric, we have beautiful handmade cushions and made-to-measure curtains, so you are sure to find a way to update your home. Browse our range of fabrics online or if you’re looking for something, in particular, give us a call on 01924 728 753, complete our online contact form or email [email protected] You can even pay our warehouse a visit!