Get ahead with curtain headings

Traditionally, curtains were used not as window treatments but as room dividers! It was the ancient Egyptians that chose to hang animal hides from hooks over doorways to keep warm. As windows evolved so did curtains, they became a great way of giving yourself some privacy and keeping in the heat. In today’s world, curtains are becoming the focal point of a room, with people opting for more dramatic styles and focusing less on function. This means that people are paying more attention to the headings, with ornate poles and beautiful pleating or gathering. Playing such a big part in the style of a room, the heading that you choose for your curtains can make or break your design, so are you making the right choice?


There are a few factors that can affect your choice of heading, from the weight of your chosen fabric or whether you’ve opted for a pole or track. There are several types of heading available to suit your décor, but we’re looking at the most popular options.

Pencil Pleat


A pencil pleat heading is one of the most popular choices. As the name suggests, the heading is made up of a row of pleats, the size of pencils. It is the most versatile choice, as the heading works with a large variety of fabrics and fabric weights. This choice of heading is neat and tidy and works with both tracks and poles.

Table Top

A very simple heading that is commonly used to complement a modern style. This heading is only suitable for use with poles as there is no way of hooking the curtains onto a track, the pole slides right through the loops of fabric, or tabs. A well-made pair of table top curtains will hang brilliantly.



Another fantastic choice for a contemporary room, an eyelet heading is, again, only suitable for use with a pole as header tape is replaced with metal rings. This type of heading results in large, even, soft pleats.

Pinch Pleat


A pinch pleat heading provides a little bit more intrigue than other curtain headings. Bringing more majesty and formality to a room, a pinch pleat heading is most suited to middle to heavyweight fabrics. Whether you’ve chosen a pole or track, a pinch pleat heading will work and can complement both modern and traditional styles. A pinch pleat heading is made up of equidistant pinches/gathers.

Double/Triple Pinch Pleat

 Taking the majesty of the pinch pleat a little bit further, double/triple pinch pleat headings give your curtains a gorgeous, tailored finish. The epitome of luxury, this heading choice works perfectly with bold patterns or lavish fabrics, like velvet.

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Focus on Pattern – Paisley

Contrary to what you may believe, Paisley did not originate in the small town of Paisley in Scotland, although it will have a significant influence on its history. It was in the 19th Century that Paisley began to heavily feature in fashion and design. The pattern itself has origins in India, Iran and the Kashmiri region. The droplet shaped pattern, known as Boteh or Butah, represented fertility and was woven onto silks and fine wools using silver and gold threads.


Kashmir shawls became the fashion item of choice, but they were in short supply and sadly, very expensive. The European markets began to replicate and imitate them and sell them at a lower price. The shawls became so popular that manufacturers across Britain became inundated with orders, most notably in Paisley, Scotland. This is where the pattern was given its Anglo name.


It was in the swinging 1960’s that Paisley reached its height of popularity, helped along by the Beatles. The bolder, brighter, psychedelic patterns became synonymous with a bohemian “hippy” lifestyle.


In today’s design world, Paisley can lift the spirit of a room giving it a fun, vibrant feeling. Due to its popularity, Paisley is available in a range of colours, so if you’re looking for a subtler style, then neutral tones and larger designs are perfect for you.


Paisley suits both modern and traditional interiors, which is why it is still a staple of interior design. Whether you opt for wallpaper, upholstered statement furniture or handmade cushions, Paisley will never be out of style. Our free samples make it easy to decorate around a print. Take your sample and match accessories to the colours of your Paisley sample. It can be easy to overwhelm a room, make sure that you incorporate some solid colours and accessories too.

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Interior Design Trends for 2018

This year seems to have gone past in a blur of colour and pattern, and we cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store! While we’d love to be able to decorate our homes every season, it’s just not realistic. However, you can always update your home with a few handmade cushions or made-to-measure curtains to be more on-trend. 2018 is set to be a colourful year with the biggest trends taking inspiration from every part of the colour spectrum.


Bright and Bold

We love an excuse to use bright, bold colours in our home. While some people are brave enough to cover every inch of a room in bright colour, it can become a little overwhelming for other. Avoid this by introducing pops of colour with cushions, throws, blankets or even reupholstering a smaller piece of furniture, like a footstool. Bright colours give a feeling of joy and energy so the use of bold colour will bring a new lease of life to a room, just make sure that you choose the right colour.


Classic Black

On the other end of the spectrum, black is going to big in 2018. After the success of mushroom tones and heather greys this year, black is a great colour to use when making a statement. Across the design world, black is considered a classic shade, it epitomises sophistication and minimalism and can have a calming effect on a room. To keep the look fresh and not sombre, pair the black with light, neutral tones or metallics.


Pretty Pastels 

2017 has seen Millennial Pink become one of the most popular colour choices. Typically thought of as feminine, pastels are now associated with strength. They have a relaxing and recharging effect on a room, perfect for a living room or bedroom. To keep the look romantic and feminine, opt for neutrals, whites and creams. To add more edge to the style then pair the pastels with darker accessories.


At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we stock thousands of fabrics, perfect to suit any style and any trend. Our fabrics are unique and sourced from all over the world so that you won’t be the same as everybody else! You can visit our warehouse to browse our stock or search online. If you want to speak to our team you can call us on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or email